An online auction marketplace for cannabis growers, processors, and retail stores

How it Works

In 3 easy steps

1. Registration

Once you register, we verify your license and activate your account

2. Seller Creates Auction
 Buyers View Auctions

3. Let the Bidding Begin!

Buyers bid on auctions; Sellers receive multiple bids.

Once an auction has ended, both parties are sent a receipt with auction details, including the Lab Report and Buyer & Seller contact details.

We take the guessing out of selling & buying cannabis for license holders.

Our App offers a state-wide live auction marketplace for you to sell, browse, bid, and win cannabis products in your state. Items that are posted are current moment-by- moment. If you have a license, you are ready to sell, browse, and bid.

Licensed Users Only

Only users licensed within each state are allowed to participate.

Fast, Easy to Use App

The app makes it easy to Post auctions, browse and bid.

iPhone & Android Apps

Fast easy to use mobile apps for both iPhone and Android

Phone Support

We are here to help make your auction or bidding seamless.

About Us

We are a family owned company with a retail store and a processing facility in Oregon. We understand the difficulties around buying and selling product and wanted something that was live, auction based, and state-wide where growers, processors, and retail stores could get the best price possible for everything cannabis.

Drop us a line, we would love to tell you why Cannabay will work for you.

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Why Choose Us

We provide a valuable service by connecting sellers and buyers in an online market place.

We know the industry personally, and want to make it easier for everyone to do business.

We are reliable, and easy to use. You don't have to be tech savvy to start an auction or bid and win.

We are a secure way to buy product as each product comes with lab results and a manifest insuring compliance.

Quality and honesty are our top concerns. Those who aren't concerned with that can't use our site.

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Cannabay provides an online platform to sell your flower in the quantity you want. By the pound or 10,000lbs. Your choice in lot sizes. Bidders get to browse and bid on the huge variety of strains throughout their state.


For processors needing large quantity of trim, they can bid and have delivered product from all over the state. Growers can unload their trim at auction and get the best price possible for it.

Concentrates and Extracts

A state-wide selection of shatters, waxes, rosins, etc for sale at your fingertips. Processors can auction any product they develop and get the best price for their product.


Browse and bid on a statewide selection of edibles. Diversity of products in your retail store will keep your customers coming back.


Buy and sell your strains at auction. Find that strain you’ve been searching for.

An online auction marketplace for cannabis growers, processors, and retail stores.

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