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Frequently Ask Questions

General Questions

If your question isn't answered here call us or fill-out the contact form, we'll be glad to answer all your questions.

• As a seller, you can expect to start an auction by filling in our form with all of the details of your product. The more information about what you are selling, the more informed your buyer will be and the more satisfied the winner will be.

• You will be prompted to take several pictures of the product you are selling. Get close and clear photos of what you are selling. The better the pictures, the more informed your buyers will be and the more satisfied the winner will be. If your pictures are not clear, we will ask you to resubmit your photos.

• You will be prompted to set a minimum bid for your lot. Make sure you feel comfortable on your minimum bid as you will not be able to change it once the auction starts.

• We will also ask you to take a picture of your lab results of the products you are selling. The lab results will be sent to the winning bidder with your contact information.

• As a buyer you can expect to be able to see a statewide selection of products available for sale.

• Auctions only last 24 hours, so it’s important to keep biding actively! If you are the highest bidder when the auction ends you will receive a notification with the contact information of the seller as well as the lab results of the product.

• Buyers watch for products they are interested in and choose to make a quick bid, 100.00 more than the current bid, or set a unique bid. Buyers may want to see the bid move up slowly, or they may want to push other bidders out of the auction by moving the price up quickly.

• When the 24hour timer is up, the highest bidder is notified. The highest bidder is sent the contact information and lab results of the seller. The seller and buyer are free to meet to complete the transaction at their convenience with appropriate manifest.

• Cannabay takes 2% from the seller and 2% from the bidder of the price of the winning bid. This fee is charged on the individuals’ credit card.

• At the conclusion of the auction the sellers and winning buyers will arrange delivery and payment as is convenient to themselves. All buyers and sellers will be responsible for filling out and filing all pertinent legal and tax paperwork associated with the sale of any cannabis.

• Should one party fail to deliver in quantity, quality, or price agreed other party’s auction commission fee will be refunded and the failing party will be suspended for 3 months from using Cannabay Global.

• Though Cannabay Global promotes the production of the highest quality products possible, the buyers cannot hold Cannabay Global liable for misrepresentations of products by the sellers.

• Should a seller misrepresent their product or fail to produce the agreed upon quality or quantity the buyer will be refunded their sales commission, the seller will forfeit their sales commission and be put on a three month suspension from using the app.

• Should the buyer fail to pay the agreed upon price for representative product, the seller will be refunded their sales commission and the buyer will be suspended for 3 months from using Cannabay Global.

• Cannabay Global will be the final arbiter on any disputes between buyer and seller.

• All auction sales will constitute a legal binding agreement between all buyers and sellers.

• Please refer all questions to